Friday, October 18, 2019

This morning in Math the students worked on "putting it all together" in the Geometry unit.  We reviewed the rules for intersecting lines, parallel lines. triangles and other polygons. For homework please complete pg. 101 #s 1 - 20.
After recess we continued with the Shane novel study. We read chapters 7 and 8. Please complete your retelling of the "fight" for Monday.
In Science this afternoon we started the new unit "Structures". We defined what a structure is and classified several structures as either frame, shell or solid.Please read Section 4.2 and define the key terms.
We finished the day with a great workout using my XBox and "Just Dance" disc.

I sent home permission forms today for a field trip to St. Jude's Academy on Wednesday, October 23rd. I have been asked to do a presentation for their "Speaker Series".  My topic is "Communication - a skill that all students need". I will be presenting for students from grades 7 - 12 on how communication skills are essential in the workplace and as a life skill. We will also take the time to visit St. Jude's sports facility. Please return the permission forms ASAP.

Yesterday, the students carved pumpkins for the annual Orangeville BIA competition.
Enjoy the pictures. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Earlier this week your child was emailed results of the Science test last week. Please be sure to ask him/her to share the results with you.

The next unit in Science is "Structures"

Our novel study on Shane is going very well. This is one of my personal favourites and I love to read some chapters aloud. The work accompanying this novel is intended to teach and to make your child a better writer when responding to essay-style questions. A great preparation for high school.

In our Mathematics unit on "plane" geometry, we have explored the properties of angles including relationships regarding parallel lines and rules regarding triangles. Our next step is to take the skills and apply them to more difficult problems.

In Geography we continue to explore the "physical world". The students did a great job with their climate graphs!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The students wrote their Science test today on Ecosystems. This took a good chunk of the morning.
Afterwards they shared their responses to the second essay question assigned in the Shane novel study. I was impressed with the improvements that have been made. Please read chapters 4 and 5 for Tuesday.
At lunch today, we were treated to Thanksgiving dessert from YOUR PTA! Afterwards ten staff members (myself included) participated in the "Egg Russian Roulette" challenge for reaching our Terry Fox goal. I will post a video once edited.
This afternoon Mrs. Doucette taught Visual Arts. I am impressed with the Peace Posters that are being created.
After last recess we had Geography. The students were tasked with using Google Sheets to create a climate graph for a city of their choice. This is due on Tuesday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 7, 2019

This morning after French, we continued our new Math unit on Geometry and Spatial Sense.
Learning Outcomes:
1) review and classify angles
2) naming angles by points (Upper Case Letters) and by the angle (lower case letters)
3) introduction (grade 7) and review (grade 8) of complementary, supplementary angles and properties of intersecting lines.
Success Criteria:
- complete the assigned worksheet to demonstrate comprehension of the lesson presented

After Math the students had their first reading buddy session with the grade 1 - 2 class.

This afternoon Mrs. Demetriou taught instrumental music. Please be sure that your child uses DropBox to practice the songs.

Last period in Science we took up the Chapter 3 review. There will be a test on Thursday on the first unit. We discussed several study techniques. Students will be reviewing in class tomorrow and on Wednesday to help prepare for the test.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

This morning after French and recess, students were given problem solving activities in Math. They were tasked to work together to develop strategies to make the problems simpler.
This afternoon in Art, Mrs. Doucette continued the "Peace Poster" lesson.
In the last period we had Science and English.
In Science students were given time to complete the chapter 3 summative. It is due Monday.
There will be test next Thursday on Unit One.
An outline will be sent home tomorrow.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Monday!
We had a great start to the week! This morning the students reviewed and corrected their Math work for Wednesday's test. After recess we played the very iconic game "Cross Country Canada". In this game from the late 90s, the players are truck drivers with specific tasks to travel around Canada picking up commodities that are regional. It is a great lesson in  coding with the students having to issue very specific commands. The students really seemed to enjoy it. What's old is new again! Tomorrow afternoon they will be working with the grade 3-4 class on the game as this also fits into their current UOI.
This afternoon Mrs. Demetriou taught Music. Students are reminded that song selections are available in Dropbox for specific instruments. This really is helpful in practicing.
Today was not a scheduled Gym day; however, Mr. Giles took them because he will not be available on Wednesday because of the cross country track meet.

Our BBQ on Friday was so much fun! Thank you, everyone, for sending in food. The kids were happy to share with all. It really was a great class team building experience. I'm not sure if those on clean-up duty would agree lol.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.
In Math we are preparing for the first unit test for all students next Wednesday.
All students are working on review work that will be taken up in class prior to the class. I encourage them to be sure to ask questions prior to the test.

In English, we have completed our "Who Are You?" unit. I was quite impressed with the Autobiographies. Final marks for the unit will be issued next week.

We have begun a novel study of the classic novel "Shane" by Jack Schaefer. This novel uses a variety of literary devices that we will explore. I also love reading it to the students. It's fun to use my Western drawl for the characters. 

We have completed chapter two of the first Science unit on Ecosystems. We will be completing the unit in the next ten days and a unit test will be scheduled early next week.

In Geography we are studying climate and weather. Tomorrow we will be looking at Climate Graphs. 

A reminder that the Terry Fox run is tomorrow. Thank you for your donations.

My annual "You Bring It, I'll Burn It!" BBQ is Friday!